Check "Yes" if You Love Me

So the War Department thought it was a good idea to reduce the soldiers' letters home to a series of "tabular statements?" No doubt multiple levels of military bureaucracy and general staff officers thought this was an amazing idea.

Archive Guide: Bancroft Library, UC Berkeley

I spent a week this fall conducting research at the Bancroft Library at the University of California Berkeley. It's a beautiful facility with extensive holdings on a wide range of topics–in my case California and Western history. Here's a few things to keep in mind if you're planning a research trip to Berkeley.

The Color Line Still Exists—Wisconsin Edition

Black voters (especially black women voters) have long been the most important political force in American liberalism. So why to so many journalists and liberal allies treat voter suppression in places in Wisconsin like it's a marginal issue? Ari Berman offers some answers and I did into the numbers.

Enlistment and Desertion in the 2nd California Cavalry

Soon after the Civil War ended, veterans of the California Volunteers began organizing to construct a history of their service that glorified their loyalty and stoicism on the frontier. While soldiers could be proud of sticking it out in the Army despite harsh conditions, data suggests that more abandoned their posts than their collective memory suggested.